Abstract Photography

How can a reality medium like photography be abstract art?

Reality is not all it is claimed to be. And photos are always lying. Believe me.

All my pictures start their life with a click in my camera. Therefore I claim them to be photos. However they do not always turn out to look like photos in the end. I usually do not add thing to the photos, but I do remove things and I play with the colours, contrast and the luminance to the maximum. To me Photoshop is a tool as much as the camera is.

The motives for my fine art abstract photos are usually not arranged or set up for shooting but are just trembled on when I am photo-hunting in the city or in nature. It is often everyday objects watched by a different angle or approached in a new way. But it is not important to me what we call it or how it is made.

To me the important thing is the final image and most importantly: how it is interacting with the mind of the viewer - you!

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