Fine Art Photobooks

A fine art book is the perfect gift

By creating or collecting art you show people around you that you have surplus in life. It is sexy to indulge in activities that are not related to every day activities and has no usefulness for any practical purposes at all what so ever. In addition it can develop you as a full person and exercise your brain in abstract thinking. But why keep it to your self? Show your friends that you consider them as smart as you are - buy them a piece of art.

A book cost less than a framed piece to hang on the wall and there a lot more pictures in it per dollar. Be smart, buy art!

Paperbook or ebook?

A printed book is just a nicer way to study pictures. It is much more giving sitting in a deep chair either peacefully or surrounded by your preferred music with a cup of your favourite brew and reading an art book. It gives so much more sense of texture and tangibility than browsing photos on a screen does.

In addition a coffee table book with contemporary art printed on high quality paper will add some sophistication to your home.

If you feel otherwise you can obtain my books as e-books for iPad. You will be able to read the books on the iPhone as well but a larger screen is recommended.

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  • Intrusive Shadows

    Intrusive Shadows is a collection of fine art photographs with a dark side. The motives are buildings and walls from odd places in Denmark. However that is not the main subject. The book is not about architecture.

    The images are meant to wake some wondering in the viewers mind or perhaps even a hint of feelings. Thus the pictures are heavily modified in creative ways after exposure by diverse cameras.

    There are no accompanying explanations. Think about the pictures a visual poems you can relate to from your own position in life. .

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  • Photo Album of Lost Souls

    This is a book showing images of supernatural beings. They are not pretty nor cozy. It it about dealing with nightmares, death and demons. It is not like any other thing on this web site or any of my other books. It may not be the stuff you are looking for.

    Is it really possible to take photos of demons, ghosts, and nightmares? And why would you do that? Is it unhealthy to read this book? These and many other questions you might get and answer for or you may not in this book.

    You will see ugly creatures, dead animals, scary beasts and weird personas like The Great Screamer, Zorn-Lain Quanz Kerli, and T4 Queen of Migraine among others.

    It is not a collection of pleasing pictures. However you might find something interesting or even strange beauty in this disturbed reality.

    Take a moment to consider this WARNING

    In my research I found out that devils, demons and other evil creatures even if just taken as products of imagination are dangerous stuff. They can mess with your mind badly.

    If you are easily invaded by strong foreign memes, are a member of a religious community, or subscribe to belief system, or got a psychiatric condition that let you produce, manifest, or get possessed by spirits or demons this book can turn your condition to the worse. It is not a laughing matter. Please do not continue without reflections on your psyche in relation to evil and death.


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  • Dream Canvas Vol. II

    The second book in the Dream Canvas series.

    The book includes al 33 pictures from the Dream Canvas II portfolio.

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  • Dream Canvas

    The second book in the Dream Canvas series.

    The title for this book is inspired by the Hipstamatic iPhone app feature Dream Canvas Salvador Dali that takes a part of an image, enlarge it a bit, rotates it, and blend it back onto the original, then add some canvas texture and finally puts a fluffy frame around the work.

    The targets for my camera was very mundane every day objects like garbage, recked signs, wet glass surfaces or plastic parts. With the help of digital tools these boring objects can be turned into vectors for your imagination. etc. With a few digital/optical twists these objects are turned into much more interesting universes of their own.

    The images are produced for tickling your mind and they are presented one at a time in this book in a carefully selected order. It is my hope that the book can be read as if it was a collection of related poems.

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  • Blend Modes

    Intensive photoshopped fine art photos.

    Lately more people and figures are getting into my art photos. At the same time my pictures are in general getting a more painterly. It was not a goal as such. I just want to be able to use any means to give the images the expression I want. This often leads to leaving the look of traditional photos behind. 

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  • Hip, hip, Hipstamatic...

    Iphoneography is the new black in photography.

    In the late 2010 and beginning of 2011 there was a new movement in photography that used more primitive equipment and produce less perfect pictures. 'The best camera is the one you got with you' and so on. Going back to film is silly, but why not try out the emulators of crappy cameras on a modern digital but primitive camera? Iphoneography this new thing was called.

    I took on a creative mission to within a period of a four weeks to take pictures with my Apple iPhone 4 by using the Hipstamatic or the like apps. The iPhone has no telelens or macro equipment nor is there any good focus control or control of depth and other things I was used to. In addition I decided that I was not allowed to hunt pictures outside my normal daily routes. The final result should be in form of a book.

    It turned out to be a huge creative injection. And I learned a lot as photographer.

    Of 200 pictures 114 made it into this book. They are arranged in a way so they relate to each other in pairs but also form relations from beginning to the end of the book. It is not as much a collection of individual pictures as a serie of pictures forming a kind of story.

    In a small chapter in the back of the book I explain the concept of Hipstamatic and grunchy/distorted/creative post processing.

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  • Fragments of an Intinerary

    Fine art abstract photography book.

    This was my first official book under the Klintes Photo brand. It mostly contains selected pictures from the two series Incomplete Itinerary and Fragment of Imagination but selected pieces from other series has sneaked in as well, 70 in all.

    In the book I also explain how some of the pictures where made.

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