Fine Art Photography and Digital Imagery

by Ole Klintebæk

You can read about my style of fine art photography in the article Embracing the digital tools of expression. Examples of my work is presented in portfolios and books below.

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  • June 17th 2016
    Two more pictures from fiords in Norway has been added to the Fiords portfolio.
    The pair has been accepted at the Danish Society for Photographys National Exhibition 2016.
  • April 6th 2016
    I am showing my pictures again at Åbyhøj Sognegård from May. 21th to end of August.
    This is a new edition of my co-exhibition with Ole Sønderby. Exhibitions.
  • Mar 29th 2016
    This website has been updated to a more modern look and was transferred to an EU-domain.
  • Mar 9th 2016
    Finally my book Photo Photo Album of Lost Souls pre is out after years of preparation.
    These pictures are from the dark site and may not be for you at all.